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August 2007

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Crystal Renaud

all i will say is, WOW, it is soooo good!!


Hi all, two things.

One, you all do not know what you are missing. Keep up the good work Justin. You are a blessing to CHCC.

Two, Justin, some of us have physical ailments. I can't stand in place for 40 minutes on Sunday morning or my legs get bad cramps. Can you let us sit down every now and then. :-)


Oh, believe me, we at SVCC know EXACTLY what we're missing. CHCC, you are blessed to have Justin there. 40 minutes of Justin leading worship? I'd stand on my head for that! Ok, probably not on my head, but I'd sure dig it!!


Hi Steve, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the time. It is just that some of us can't stand for long periods of time.

This young man has been a real blessing to us. I will keep him in my prayers that he will be strong for the challenges ahead.

Hey, what is SVCC? Is that Saddleback Church?


So happy you are catching up! The next two episodes are full of edge of the seat moments and you will be saying "What the..?" a lot!! Enjoy the rollercoaster ride. :)


Hey THS, I didn't take it as a complaint, that was just my way of saying how much I/we miss Justin. Yes, SVCC is Saddleback. And if you see some dude at one of your services standing in the front row and rocking along with Justin, it might be me!

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