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Sorry to hear about your eye. That sounds quite icky. I trust you get better soon.

Regarding the sunglasses, if you would like me to, I can contact Anita and ask about the styling shades I've seen her wear...they slip right on over those prescription glasses. A sight to see, my friend, a sight to see!

Anne Jackson

I had that once, and the weird thing was I tasted the eye drops in the back of my throat....

Crystal Renaud


so about the sunglasses thing. you've seen how cool my prescription glasses are, right? well little did you know that they also come with sunglasses that clip on magnetically. you can't even tell it is clipped on.

but generally i just stick to good old transition lenses...

trivia: i've worn glasses since i was 5 years old.


Sorry to hear about that. Glad to hear it heals quickly though. I hope all is going well for you over across the freeway. We'll miss you this weekend over at Saddleback. Heck, I need coffee just thinking about it. I'm doing the sunrise service and then both Overdrive services behind that. Miss you brother, get well.


You should wear an eye patch so people think that you are a pirate....I will now call you One Eye'd Willy.

patty riddle

Should I tell Ed to send you some clip-ons for your glasses? His are pretty stylin' old man stuff for my man....Take care of yourself,please. Love to all,



ewww. is that puss i see puddling in the corner of your eye? bluh.

Pat Callahan

You have got to stop eating that spicy Mexican food with your eye!


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