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Now that was cool.

Crystal Renaud

haha... ok so that was totally worth the call last night (not that I wouldn't have appreciated the call any way).

love you!


um, Slash is,, what?


i miss you like crazy!!!
and am always praying for you. it is so exciting to hear about what the Lord is doing! God is so good!

love you most. forever!


Justin...very funny, indeed!


Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I'd done that....well, I'd still be paying for every time I'd done that. (Yes, my alter ego, Debrini, gets me into quite a bit of trouble sometimes.)


"...these go all the way to eleven."

Anne Jackson

Our filter here at the church blocks YouTube...rar! Will have to watch when I get home...

Kelsie Davidson

sooo... have somee pretty much saweeeeeeeeeeeeet news.
I tried out for theater in the park on Sundayy..and who got called back for not 1 BUT 2 plays!! yes that is right..your favorite 13 year old niece!!! AHHHHHHH I am soo excited!!! hehe I got called back for Peter Pan and King and I!!! yea!! hehe well I just wanted to tell you!! and I love you !! verry much!!

Pat Callahan

You gotta warn a brotha when you have stuff like that on your site. I spit my Diet Coke all over my monitor.



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