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Anne Jackson

Paper is way cooler, but I never ask...but Target plastic bags make great lunch/trash bags...


When my sister and I were little my parents were pretty thrifty and they would re-use paper sacks to cover our school books. This I thought was brilliant because then I could use markers to draw all over them. So my vote is for my parents, and for paper.

Crystal Renaud


although they are not the most environmentally friendly... they are the most friendly as far as their versatile use.

1. they can be used more efficiently for cold/frozen foods, yet still hold household and other warm foods just as well.

2. they make great bags for just about anything because you are able to tie them closed.


3. they are much easier to carry for than one or two at a time (i can carry like 6) because you can hold them by their handles (one could make the argument, however, that some paper bags have handles too - but have you ever tried to carry more than one... or a heavy one? - the handles just break.)

and that my friend are my reasons for why was plastic bags are the superior grocery bag.

Love you!


if you're really so desperate for material, i'll just be your ghost writer. it's just getting a little sad. i mean, c'mon...paper or plastic? what's next...fold or wad?


Okay...who is this Lola chick?...I gotta meet her. So funny. I was kinda thinking the same thing. But whatever. I love talking random, so really, it isn't a big deal...but for the record...I am a wad type of girl.


Hmmm....plastic for carrying stuff in...but paper for trash...they sit up better! "You can put six packs of be--uh...soda in here...yogurt..."


ha ha! your friends love me!!

Crystal Renaud

listen bud... i would think i would get a reply to my comment on this one. look /\ ... mine is by far the longest and most detailed answer.

i win.



paper! ever!

Pat Callahan

Plastic. Makes it easy to dispose of the kittens.

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