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Matt L

I appreciate the honesty, but.......

Just because you don't have a point to make or a picture to post, doesn't mean you can't blog about.....something. Anything. The people that read this blog are interested in you; I would estimate the majority of your readers are fans of yours from Saddleback who want to know what you're up to, and especially what's going on at the new church. How is it different? How is better, worse? I'm looking for a quick, unfiltered download from your brain, and I want to know what's going on with Justin Adams. Maybe my comments are off base, and if so, I'd love to hear from others who read this regularly.

Just some friendly advice from a guy who really enjoyed your style of music and your energy. Thanks.


Some of your readers are members of your new fan club from Coast Hills. We also navigate to your blog because we're interested. Be careful when answering Matt's question about what's worse...we're watching...always watching ;)

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