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Anne Jackson

It may sway in favor of monitors, but definitely confirms there shoudn't ever be ice on stage...


Gee, I don't have a problem with you rockstars having a monitor on long as you sing the words that I put on it and don't decide to do another chorus or something! :-)

And that video ruins my idea for putting ice on stage...back to the drawing board.


My vote is that all worship leaders be forced to wear hockey uniforms when leading brings you closer to God!!! Ice, no ice..whatever, that is debatable upthere on stage, but you should always were the uniforms!!! Pads and all...

Crystal Renaud

i've often wondered about that actually. not to accuse worship leaders of not truly engaging in worship - but if you don't know the words and are reading a screen are you genuinely focusing on worship or just concerned that you won't mess up?


although speaking as someone who used to compete vocally as a soloist... i would have liked to have had a monitor...


Okay, now I feel that I need to add something serious...I think that it is distracting when you/I/one is singing...and the people leading you don't know the words. Like I feel that singing brings you into the realm of preparing you to hear the message..(of course this could open a whole can of worms), but when those leading screw(s) up the pulls me away from the worship. Like why arn't they prepared? I don't care if they have monitors or not...I just think they need to be ready. Like if I am going to present my gift(s) to Christ, I want it to be the very best it can be...and if that means using a t.v. to help me out and to bring people closer to be it....why is this even an issue?


geez. kristiapplesauce needs to get her own blog.


If we lip-sync'd and used tracks like 95% of the "live" music we see or hear, we could certainly not use monitors. I think worship leaders are like soap opera actors--they do a lot of shows with only one take! We are expected to be like performers who do one show many times or one scene with mulitiple takes. Of course this is not fair, but just how it is. I love the hockey outfit idea--we already spent a whole summer in football jerseys one year.


ok doesn't anybody just think that is funny!!!!


Just let the tech-folk that if you don't need monitors, neither do they. After all, they should have memorized all the mouse clicks and Shoutcast widgets by now. (The scary thing is, a few of them might take you up on it)

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