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August 2007

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i was blessed tonight. you looked like you were at home. it made me happy. also, i frickin' miss you. also, i want to talk to you. also, it's two o'clock in the morning and i'm not asleep yet. know why? cuz i don't have anywhere to be at 7:30 tomorrow morning!

Anne Jackson

YAY...glad everything was in-friggin-credible. Love you!


Yes...last night was incredible. This probably should have gone under the brown nosing blog, but last night once again I am reminded how rare it is to have a worship leader who, through the amazing gifts God has given you, can truly lead people in worship. Not perform, but that can take you to the place where you feel like you are singing right to God. You are that kind of worship leader and CH is lucky to have you. Okay, Lola, I do have somewhere to be at 7:30 this morning and since it is 7:18, I'd better be going. Oh yeah Justin, MB was right on regarding the shoes!! They looked great. Love you most of all....

Crystal Renaud

hooray! i am so glad everything went so well and that you feel like you're in the right place. i pray for continued peace and growth for you.

love you!


Just a little bit jealous of that "We get to do this together for a long, long time" statement. Mostly giddy with delight at your new church home...I'd say about 96.3% giddy. For the other 3.7% of me that is seething with jealousy, well....there's prayer, meditation, and confession in my future.


wow!!! im so happy for thats new journey in your life!
Márcio said hello! Lov u my friend! Rio waits you!

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