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Anne Jackson

looks like our going away parties were the same time!


Simultaneous fun! Anne, are you enjoying your VOX AC-30 Amp as much as Justin? SWEET!


I'm gonna be honest here...had you made the CORRECT choice in your move, you would have been thrown the HUGEST (if thats a word) "welcoming" party ever in the world....BUT...since you are living in prayer for you is..."God have mercy on his unsuspecting soul!"

Okay okay...I'm sorry! I'm happy for you...yada yada yada! :)

Love ya!


ummm...i don't really have anything to say, but i can't let margie leave a comment if i don't leave a comment. consider this the marking of my territory.


Ladies, don't make me pull rank on you here.


haha!! looks like we've got an all-out competition going on here! WOOHOO!!! Justin, how does it feel?


Loisa, we probably ought to be careful here. We don't want his head to get too big for his rockalot faux hawk. Of course, maybe if that happened, you west coasters would reject him and send him back to Kansas!!

Warren Fry

Cooool cat fight! Hey does that thing go to 11!

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