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August 2007

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I'm thankful for my California vacation home. :)


I love you, Dad. I am so thankful for you. You're my hero.

Anne Jackson

Sight. I'm glad I can see.

I'm thankful for the neverending questions plaguing me recently. The challenges God is throwing in my path. The way He has been clearly revealing himself & his desires for my life. Showing me what's important - really important.

My husband.




Crystal Renaud

i am thankful that i can't understand the explainable. i am thankful for change even though i hate it. i am thankful for creativity. i am thankful for the ability to feel even when it hurts.

i am thankful for you and the impact you had on my life even if you had no idea you did anything.


Thankful for my amazing husband, family and friends...


Wow, thankful. Are you ready??
Thankful that God chose ME, to start life over at 33 and have the awesome priveledge to serve HIM.
Health, husband, safety, my amazing children, my church,
my friends and family for sure.
Im thankful that God interrupts our comfort to take us to places we would have never ever imagined. Im thankful for every opportunity that God allows me to be used for his glory. Most of all, I am just thankful to be alive!
Love you Adams family, and am praying for you all, and this new path in which you are walking!


coast hills.

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