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August 2007

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Congrats and blessings to you all. I periodically google "Justin Adams" to see what you all are up to these days. Please tell MB I said hello. I found pictures the other day of the girls (Meagan, Margot W., our daughter Cortlynn and a few others) all at Libby Lu's at Oak Park from about three years ago. It's amazaing how fast they grow up!

Anyway, just a note to say hi and pass along news that we had our 4th back in October. Cortlynn, Alex and Devin welcomed their new baby brother Brady Scott Oliver. He was born at 11:18 pm on Saturday, October 29th. He weighed 9 lbs and was 20.25 inches long.

God bless,

Monica Stark


Does this "proper form and technique" also require a speedo?


oooh, look at me...i'm justin adams...i'm so buff...i can drop kick you to kansas...blah blah blah.

Warren Fry

Sorry I'm late....a speedo is a must!

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