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as impressed as i am with the macbookpro...i still think your coolest and shiniest piece of office equipment is the slinky.


Don't take it personally. I love you man. Tell me when they release Logic and Final Cut for it and I'll join your world. But for now. It's my trusty 2 and a half year old 17" Powerbook

Pat Callahan

If envy is green, what color is jealousy?



jealousy is chartreuse. for real. i looked it up.

Crystal Renaud


i know it was your intent to make us drool and feel sorry for ourselves... such a mediocre life us PC users live.


Well, I will admit that Apple got one thing right with this's using an Intel chip. That's a good start. Maybe soon they'll even get them down to a reasonable price! :-P


OK...I am a bit green with envy..but I love my iMac 20"--G5 of course since Digital Perfomer won't be out for a while!

Anne Jackson

i see the light - just not the cash. my juicy pc laptop and iMac G5 at my new job will just have to get me by.

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